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VICTORIA:                          DAYLESFORD:  Its  original  auditorium   SHEPPARTON:  August  the  1st  was  the
                                                                                    last  35mm  film  presentation  at  the  Village
                                                 rejuvenated as a shopping arcade, the former
                                                 Rex Theatre is now having a small 100-seat   4 Cinemas with the screening of the feature
              PORTLAND: The shuttered Star Cinema   cinema and performance space built within its   movie Ted. Installation of two more digital
              remains for sale at $550,000 and available for   walls. To be community run, it is hoped to have   projectors completed the total change over to
              possible redevelopment. The large building   the new venue operational by Christmas.  digital presentation. Cinemas 1 and cinema 2
              includes a 240-seat auditorium in the former                          have Barco projectors, and cinemas 3 and 4
              dress-circle  with  the  stalls  area  converted                      Christie. 3D screenings can be presented in
              into three areas of retail use.
                                                                                    cinemas 2 and 4.
              MELBOURNE:    The  Palace  Theatre  in                                CHADSTONE: Along with many shops,
              Bourke Street was sold in August to a Chinese                         the Hoyts Cinemas were forced to close
              buyer  for  around  $13million.  Reports  are                         due to flooding in early August.  Extensive
              that the theatre will continue as a nightclub/                        damage  was  caused  by  ruptured  water
              concert venue for the moment although the                             pipes leaving only a few screens in use.
              last confirmed artist is in November.                                 Cinemas 5-14 re-opened on August 17th.
                                                                                    All cinemas are now digital.
              ST.KILDA  EAST:  In  August  St.Michaels
              College sold the Astor Theatre to local enthusiast   MELBOURNE:  A  MIFF  patron  has   MELBOURNE:  Some heritage protection
              Ralph Taranto  who  will  continue  the  lease  of   launched  a  discrimination  case  against   or recognition is being sought for the former
              the  building  to  long-time  operator,  George   the Melbourne International Film Festival   Star Theatre in Elizabeth Street. Originally a
              Florence.    Mr  Taranto  also  owns  the  closed   and  owners  of  the  Forum  and  Greater   newsreel theatre, after all these years it is still
              George Cinemas at St.Kilda as well as leasing   Union   Russell   Cinemas   regarding   screening films, albeit of the adult variety as
              the Brighton Bay Twin to Palace.  In the past he   “limited and demeaning” disabled access    the Crazy Horse Cinema. The future of the
              had also attempted relaunching the Melbourne   to venues.             site as a cinema may be in doubt when the
              Capitol and the National in Richmond.                                 current 5-year lease runs out.
                                                 COBURG: The three-screen Village Drive-
              ESSENDON  NORTH:  Demolition  of  the   In  Theatre  has  now  switched  to  digital
              former Hoyts Circle Theatre has been underway   projection.  This  was  the  final  conversion
              throughout  August.  Only  the  façade  of  the   of  the  company’s  210  screens  to  the
              building will be retained in the new apartment   digital format.
              complex to be built on the site.
                                                 ARMADALE:  Sotheby’s  Auction  House,
                                                 located  in  the  former  Armadale  Theatre
                                                 was auctioned on August 16.
                                                 ST.KILDA:   The   closed   three-screen
                                                 George  Cinemas  failed  to  sell  at  auction
                                                 in August.    The  property  owner  re-opened
                                                 the venue himself as the Aurora Cinemas,
                                                 but  closed  them  again  within  weeks.  The   BENDIGO:  A  1000-seat  theatre  is  to  be
                                                 complex is for sale at $2.75 million and may   included in a new $25 million Arts Centre to be
                                                 be redeveloped.                    built within the walls of the former prison.

                                                                                    LILYDALE:   A  new  museum  wing  for  the
                                                                                    Yarra Ranges Shire has been opened as part of
                                                                                    the historic Athenaeum Theatre building.

                                                                                    CHARLTON:  The  Rex  Theatre  hopes
                                                                                    to  develop  an  on-site  museum  to  display
                                                                                    the amazing lifetime collection of film and
                                                                                    cinema  memorabilia  that  was  purchased
                                                                                    from the estate of the late Keith McDonald, a
                                                                                    former St.Arnaud projectionist.

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