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The professional approach to the operation of the cinema complements the name of the cinema.  The cinema
             operates on a multi feature and multi screening policy (up to seven sessions per day in peak times) and is open
             seven days a week  ..

             Denis Parkes came to the cinema industry after serving twenty-seven years in the RAAF as an engineering
             officer which , as he said, " .... helps in understanding and maintaining equipment".

             At the time of writing Denis Parkes was working on plans to relocate the cinema into a new location to be built
             opposite the Merimbula Bowling Club.  A hi-tech twin cinema is being  planned, seating about 190 and  130
             patrons, and is expected to open in September, 1997.     Photos by Gerry Kennedy

             Picture Show Man- Update

             The first Picture Show Man Cinema closed on August 3rd, 1997, with a 6 p.m. session of "Paradise Road", and
             this was followed by a staff party. The cinema was then  stripped of wall coverings, seats and  screen, which
             were sold to a businessman in Moruya, N.S.W  .. , who is building a single small screen cinema.

             The sound and projection equipment has been sold to the Squash Centre in Lakes Entrance, Victoria, where
             two squash courts have been converted into a 150 seat cinema, opened in September 1997.

             The  new  Picture  Show Man  Twin  Cinema  is  situated  a7 80 Main  Street,  Merimbula,  and  is  of brand  new
             construction. The building houses "back to back" cinemas, seating 133 and 185 patrons. There is space available
             to  extend the  building if required.  The colours  used  in the decor include  mid-green,  purple, and  plum.  The
             comfortable seats (utilising the same colour tones) were made in Bundaberg, Queensland.

             The  two  projectors are  reconditioned  and  automated  Pan  Century's with  new Christie consuls.  The sound
             systems are Radek Panastereo processors, with Radek auto equipment. Australian monitors, amplifiers and
             speakers have also been installed.

             The Picture Show Man Twin opened with a gala performance for invitees on  September 10th, 1997, with the
             first public screenings taking place on September 11th. The first feature films screened were "Men In Black",
             "In Love And War",  "That Old Feeling", and "Conspiracy Theory".
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