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63.  Picture Show Man Cinema- Merimbula N.S.W.                              by Gerry Kennedy

             The Picture Showman Cinema is located at number 5A in the Centre Point Arcade, in Market Street Merimbula.
             This popular holiday resort is on the Sapphire Coast 470 kms. south of Sydney.

             Before Denis Parkes established this cinema, commercial films had not been shown in the area for some time.
             Twyford  Hall  had  been  the  town  venue for films  over the  years, but in  recent times the  Pambula  Drive-In
             (demolished) and the Bega Kings (closed) provided cinema entertainment.

             Denis Parkes designed the cinema space and has done a remarkable job in converting a shop space into a
             cosy and  intimate  cinema, in  just 135 square  metres of floor space.  Harry Waghorn  of the  Gala  Cinema
             Warrawong provided the industry expertise and guidance for Denis in this task..  Every  last inch of ceiling
             height has been used to accommodate the largest screen possible, given the sight lines from the projector. The
             screen is 4.0m wide in widescreen and 5.0 wide for cinemascope .

             .....----------------------, The cinema has a stepped, raked floor and seats
                                                                94. The comfortable high backed seats are covered
                                                                in a blue grey wool fabric and were made by Advance
                                                                Australia Theatre Seating. The chairs are arranged
                                                                in 7 rows of 12 seats and one row of 10.

                                                                The walls are covered in a steel grey coloured front
                                                                runner carpet like material.  The floors throughout
                                                                the cinema are covered in a multi-coloured (mauve,
                                                                burgundy and steel grey) patterned carpet.  Despite
                SA Centrepoint Arcade. Merimbula. 2548
                Phone: {064) 95 3744 - AJH: 95 2108   DENIS PARKES   the small space the foyer is functional and includes
                Mobile: 0 18 4890 15                    Director   a combined candy bar  I ticket selling area and access
             L---------------------' to the raised projection room. Toilet facilities are
                                                                located elsewhere in the complex.

             For the technically minded, the single projector is an Italian Fedi machine  with a Cinemeccanica lamp house
             powered with 2.5 kw.  Xenon lamp.  The lamphouse was previously on a slide projector in a Canberra Drive In
             theatre.  A film platter is used to transport the film.  The sound system includes a stereo optical system through
             a Yamaha processor and amplifier.  Four channels of surround sound are used in conjunction with three channels
             of front sound and a sub-woofer speaker.
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