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Martin prepared a special CATHS leaflet and a large display which had lots of information and graphics about
             the theatre history of the Tivoli  Place precinct, the  old  Opera  House,  Cinematographe, Tivoli, Bijou, Gaiety,
             Lyceum and Grosvenor theatres, the Roma Cinema and the "Soldiers of the Cross" presentation at the Mel-
             bourne Town  Hall  in  1901. The highlight of the  festival  was when  "The Tivoli  Dancers" were  reunited  for a
             special dance peformance on the Fringe Backyard Stage!

             "Making The Most Of Life" Expo - Caulfield Racecourse, September 30th, 1997.
             Although this event has operated for several years, this was the first time CATHS-V has been asked to participate.
             Aimed at our senior citizens, one hundred organizations took part and subjects ranged from sporting clubs to
             handcrafts, community social activities, radio, winemaking, painting, concert parties and for the adventurous,
             gliding! Something for everyone, indeed.

                                        Our Events Co-Ordinators - Brian and Wally

             In a CATHS-V team effort, Fred Page loaned some excellent theatrical nostalgia items, Martin Powell produced
             our logo on poster size paper and  our display board was professionally arranged by Concetta  Raffa.  Wally
             Perkins, Brian  Miller and  Concetta  manned the  booth  on  the  day and well  over one hundred  membership
             applications were distributed. The estimated attendance was 10,000 overall and a number of visitors enjoyed a
             nostalgic chat with our members. As the famous British T.V. puppet characters Wallace and Gromit say, a grand
             day out! We have accepted an invitation to register for the 1998 Expo.

             Cinemas of USA Tour- Departing Manchester, U.K. on 28 March, 1998
            There is "good news and bad news" from Gary Trinder of Cinema Theatre Association (CTA) (North),  United
             Kingdom. The "good news" is the itinerary highlights include the Fox Theatre, Atlanta, a walking tour of San
             Francisco Theatres, the Paramount Oakland and various other California  locations by coach  including The
             Randolph Hearst Castle at San Simeon.

            The return journey is via New York, visiting Radio City Music Hall and other famous theatres, as available. The
             "bad  news" is all fifty seats are fully booked  and  Gary's  letter does  not mention  if there is a waiting-list for

             Send a stamped, addressed business-size envelope to Brian Miller, 15 Gleniffer Avenue, East Brighton  3187,
             if you would like a tour itinerary for your interest.
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