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"The Jazz Singer" - October 7th, 1997
             A full  house at Ken  Tulloch's Roxy Theatrette greeted the 70th anniversary screening, almost to the day (6
             October 1927) of its New York premiere, of 'The Jazz Singer".

                              The Full House - Notice Some People Even Standing In The Aisle

            Although primarily a silent film with songs, musical background and one scene of dialogue added, the impact
            was enough for Warner Brothers and AI Jolson to change the movie business forever. The plot remains basically
            a stage play with acting in the style of the day but it is still interesting and there can be no doubt of AI Jolson's
            impact as an entertainer.

            Ken also screened an excellent television documentary on Jolson's life story. A performer who was only happy
            when appearing before an audience, he is also credited with one of the greatest come-backs of all time. Reduced
            to supporting film roles in the late thirties, he entertained the troops during the war. Columbia Pictures released
            "The Jolson Story" in  1946 and "Jolson Sings Again" in 1949 with Larry Parks miming the role to Jolson's sound
            track, with enormous success.  Jolson was again at the top of the tree with a new radio career.
            AI Jolson died in 1950 at the age of 64 shortly after returning from Korea, still entertaining the Forces.

            Movies At The Regent
            After an  absence  of 27 years  movies  returned  to the  Regent Theatre, Collins Street, Melbourne. Over 50
            CATHS-V members and friends attended this long-awaited event on Friday the 14th of November, 1997. The
            70mm version of "My Fair Lady" was presented for three nights and a Saturday matinee.

            To complete this nostalgic occasion, Tony Fenelon rose from the pit playing the splendid 4/32 WurliTzer organ,
            followed by Dennis Farrington and his orchestra. It was a sight many of the older patrons did not think would
            ever happen again, but it did!

            With it's spacious, comfortable seating, full carpeting, stage equipment, air-conditioning, extra downstairs foyer,
            and many other improvements, the Regent is better than ever. A program of concerts has been announced,
            along with an Australian film  premiere, and a new American stage musical "Sisterella", which commences in
            March, 1998.

            As the Regent's advertising slogan, used in the 40's, said - "Australia's Pre-Eminent Show Window".
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