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A Selection of Photographs from Membersfh  h f

                                                                         KINGSTON (WA) Galaxy Drive-In Theatre.
                                                                         The last one in Perth. (From Damien Taylor)

                    TOOWONG (QLD) Elite Theatre. Once a popular cinema in
                    suburban Brisbane - this early pioneer show was looking decidedly
                    tired and run-down in 1974. (From Gordon Turnbull)

                                                                          GLEN INNES (NSW) Chapel Cinema in a
                                                                          former church. (From Colin Flint)

                    ADELAIDE (SA) Metro Theatre.
                    The third projector in the Mighty Metro bio-box -  with the carbon-arc   BURWOOD (VIC) Burwood Talkies – at the
                    lamp-house open for show. (From Andrew Gramp)        Mechanics Institute. (From Greg Lynch)

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