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NEW SOUTH WALES:                   NARELLAN: The  eight-screen United   ISLINGTON:  The former (1928)  Regent
                                                 Cinemas  complex went to fully digital   Theatre  has been reborn as an indoor
              NEWCASTLE: Thankfully  no-one  was   projection in March. 35mm will be retained   shopping bazaar featuring recycled goods
              hurt when a large section of the decorative   for retro screenings.   and specialist retail stalls.
              Wunderlich verandah at the Civic Theatre
              came crashing to the pavement when unable   KOGARAH: Closed since 2003, demolition
              to cope with heavy rainfall from a wild storm   of the derelict 4-screen Mecca Movie City
              in February.                       (former 1920 Victory Theatre) is imminent.
                                                 A $21 million retail and residential high-rise
                                                 development is proposed for the site.

                                                                                    CROOKWELL: The  old  Goldsworth
                                                                                    Theatre building has received a $3,000 grant
                                                                                    from the 2011-12 Heritage Fund to restore
                                                                                    the front of the former theatre to its original
                                                                                    face brickwork.

                                                                                    LEICHARDT: Palace plan to add four
                                                                                    luxury screens to their existing complex.

                                                                                    MORISSET: Once in regular cinema use,
                                                 MUDGEE: Unable to find someone to lease   movies may return to the council-owned
                                                 and manager the mothballed Regent Theatre,   Memorial Hall with a committee keen to
                                                 owner Peter Freedman will auction the   run classic programs complete with tea,
              LISMORE:   The vintage  Star Court   heritage-listed property on April 15 with two   cakes and scones.
              Theatre has had many incarnations.  Opened   suggested designs for residential conversion-
              by T.J Morgan in July 1921, it presented both   including possible demolition of the large   DOUBLE BAY: Redevelopment of the
              film and stage shows. In 1963 the stalls area   auditorium. Local council have rejected calls   former Stamford Hotel site will include an
              was redeveloped into a shopping arcade with   for them to purchase the Regent for a multi-  independent five screen cinema complex,
              the cinema retained in the old dress-circle.   purpose arts centre, and have opted to spend   reportedly for Palace Cinemas.
              In 1980 Birch, Carroll and Coyle operated   $3.6 million on rejuvenating the old Town
              it as Cinema Lismore until they exited for   Hall – itself once an early cinema venue.  AVOCA BEACH:   The beachside (1951)
              their new multi-screen complex.  Now the                              Avoca Beach  Theatre celebrated its 60
              Star Court has again been rejuvenated and   LITHGOW: The  former  Theatre Royal   Birthday on December 4, 2011 with a
              presents a diet of regular art-house films, live   is for sale at $1 million. Converted into a   nostalgia program of live entertainment as
              theatre and music.                 nightclub/restaurant, it features a sunken   well as the Debbie Reynolds film classic Two
                                                 dance floor, bar and commercial kitchen   Weeks with Love.
              GREEN SQUARE:  Palace Cinemas are   – with the stage, dressing rooms, balcony
              keen to open a 12-screen complex.  seating for 411 and bio-box in situ.  SYDNEY: Renovation work continues at
                                                                                    the (1929)  State Theatre and removal of
                                                                                    scaffolding has revealed a renovated façade.
                                                                                    Plans are to extend the limited stage area to
                                                                                    allow for greater live use as a fully equipped
                                                                                    lyric theatre.

                                                                                    MURWILLUMBAH: Just in time for
                                                                                    Christmas, the  Regent Cinema stepped into
                                                                                    the modern age with the installation of digital
                                                                                    projection. The original 35mm machines have
                                                                                    been operating since the theatre opened in 1945.
                                                                                    For the first time, the Regent will also featured
                                                                                    as a venue in the 2012 Byron Bay International
                                                                                    Film Festival held March 2-11.

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