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                                      CINEMA AND


              BRISBANE:  Developers of the  Regent
              Theatre Towers project were fined $5000 in
              March for using heavy machinery in an area
              where the sensitive demolition work must be   This once was the magnificent Brisbane
              carried out by hand.                This amazing panoramic photo was taken by CATHS member, Steve Malone.

              The breach of conditions could risk damage   CHARLTON: Closed since flood damage   ELSTERNWICK: The  Classic Cinema
              the heritage-listed foyer.  A previously un-  in January 2011, the community run  Rex   celebrated its 100  Birthday on Sunday
              exposed decorative stone "fountain niche"   Theatre has been painted and had seats,   January 29 with party that included
              has been uncovered in one wall of the   carpets, screen, curtains and wiring replaced.   food, wine, live music, film- and owner
              theatre after being hidden for 30 years and   The theatre will also re-open on  April 21   Eddie Tamir attired as Groucho Marx.
              conservationists want to try to preserve it.  with digital projection and surround sound.

              POMONA: Flooding from a heavy rainstorm   CROYDON: The  shuttered  Croydon 4
              in late February caused water to cover the   Cinemas were re-opened on Boxing Day as the
              floor of the historic Majestic Theatre. The   Plaza Cinemas by Tom Shouten - operator of
              Majestic also bid farewell to its organist   the Metro Cinemas at Boronia.
              former owner, Ron West who finally retired
              in mid December.
              GRACEVILLE: As they make way for the
              complete changeover to digital projection, in
              early February the Regal Twin Cinema held
              a special double-feature of classic films to
              farewell the use of 35mm film.
                                                                                    SWANPOOL: Operation of the Swanpool
              MAREEBA: Having opened in 1960, the                                   Cinema  in the  Memorial Hall has been
              Rodeo Drive-In Theatre celebrated its 52                              taken over by a local community group since
              birthday on January 1.                                                the retirement of Kevin Smith and Shirley
                                                                                    Swallow who ran their last show on New
                                                                                    Years Eve 2011.
                                                 CHADSTONE:  A proposed $500 million
                                                 expansion of the shopping centre includes   MELBOURNE: Conversion of foyer space
                                                 refurbishment of the Hoyts Cinemas.  at Kino Cinemas created space for three new
                                                                                    70-seat boutique auditoriums which opened
                                                 WODONGA:  The disused railway station   on Thursday 22  December.
                                                 is to be used by the local  Apex Club for
                                                 regular Pop-Up Station Cinema screenings
                                                 that will also feature live entertainment and
                                                 food vendors.

                                                 MELBOURNE:  Only the façade of the
              VICTORIA:                          former Collins Street  Metro Theatre now
                                                 remains.  After closure as a cinema, the
              ST.KILDA: The  historic  (1927)  Palais   auditorium and foyers were converted into
              Theatre has celebrated its 85 birthday with   a (failed) retail store.  The façade will be
              new carpets as well as new roof (laid over   retained in the new development.
              the old) thanks to Government funding.
              MELBOURNE:  The 30-year-old  Hamer
              Hall  will reopen on July 26  after a $128
              million refurbishment.  An additional $7.3                            GRANTVILLE: Since the sale of the
              million funding announced in December will                            former  Grantville Drive-In  Theatre
              benefit the audio and lighting fit-out which                          late last year, developers have been
              will include digital broadcast equipment.                             quick to redevelop the property.
                                                                                    Development blocks have been pegged
              WARRAGUL: An auction of collectables was                              and sealed roads already laid between
              held at the former Twilite Drive-In Theatre on                        the old café, bio box and screen which
              March 31. This follows the death of the owner                         remain extant.
              Roy Eaton who had converted the former
              theatre into the Lilliput Miniature Railway in                        CARLTON:  With the travel agency
              a parkland setting.  Attempts to re-open the                          having vacated the premises, the former
              drive-in in 2003 were hampered and ultimately   FRONT / BACK          Carlton Movie House  is empty and
              abandoned after fierce local opposition.   Pictures by Ross King      up for lease.

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