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PORT LINCOLN: Community operators   After the war, and until television led to
               NEWSREEL              THEATRE NEWS  of the  Flinders Cinema have received a   Tasmanian cinema closures around 1970, he
                                      CINEMA AND
                                                 $30,779.31 donation towards obtaining   was 'Assistant Operator' at the Star Invermay
                                                 a $90,000 digital projector. Further grant   and Launceston’s Princess Theatre.
              TWEED HEADS: Proposals are afoot   funding is to be sought.
              to operate an  open-air cinema at the                                 He died peacefully at  Aldersgate nursing
              picturesque Jack Evans Boat Harbour.                                  home in Launceston on 24 December 2011,
                                                                                    a month short of his 91st birthday.
              DARLING HARBOUR: Sydney  Imax
              was closed from February 6-12 to allow for                            His fellow Cinema Pioneer members
              the installation of a replacement projection                          describe him as the last of Tasmania's pre-
              screen.  Costing $250,000 the new 29.5                                war projectionists, his career spanning back
              metres high by 35.7 metre wide, 800kg 3D                              to the days of nitrate film.
              screen then required four coats of “high-
              gain” silver paint.

                                                 KENSINGTON PARK:  Wallis Cinemas
                                                 vacated the Chelsea Theatre on January 29
                                                 with owners Burnside Council granting a
                                                 new seven year lease (with option to extend)
                                                 to operators of the Trak Cinemas at Toorak
                                                 Gardens.   The new lessee’s carried out
                                                 some minor refurbishments and re-opened   NEW ZEALAND:
                                                 on February 23 with the theatre renamed
              NEWTOWN: Dendy Cinemas propose to   the Regal Cinema. They have also made a   RANGIORA: The December 23 earthquake
              add six additional screens.        commitment with the Theatre Organ Society   has finally forced closure of the 86-year-old
                                                 of Australia (SA Division) to install a fully   Regent Theatre in the Town Hall building.
                                                                                    The cinema had recently been refurbished
              CONDOBOLIN: The old Renown Theatre   working Wurlitzer Theatre Organ - a project   after previous damage, but is now to be
              has burnt to the ground. -Report on page 8.  that will take around two years to complete.
                                                                                    demolished and rebuilt in a different format.

              SOUTH AUSTRALIA:                   TASMANIA:                          CHRISTCHURCH:     Hidden   behind
                                                                                    fibreglass cladding in 1977, the art-deco
                                                                                    façade of the 1930s  State Theatre was
              GLENELG:    Variation  plans  have  QUEENSTOWN:    The  restored  and  revealed after a recent series of earthquakes.
              been lodged by  Wallis Cinemas with the   Heritage-Listed, Art Deco Paragon Theatre   A move is now underway to preserve and
              Holdfast Bay Council for a two- storey   remains closed and for sale – with offers over   restore the façade to its former glory.
              building comprising restaurant/cafés, office   $190,000 being seriously considered.  HORNBY:  After twenty years, the high;y
              and consulting room tenancies with canopies                           profitable  Movieland Cinema Complex
              over Jetty Road and Rose Street footpaths on                          closed on November 18, 2011 to allow the
              the former Cinema Centre site.
                                                                                    owner to demolish and redevelop the entire
                                                                                    city block for retail use.  Reading re-opened
              GLENELG:  An all new seven-screen                                     The Palms which will fill the gap.
              cinema complex is included in a $20 million
              proposal to build above the Holdfast Bay                              TE AWAMUTU:  Now operating as a
              Council-owned Cowper Street car park.                                 5-screen complex, the  Regent Theatre
              Developer Andrew Taplin hopes to open for                             celebrated its 80  birthday in March. Last
              business by November 2013.
                                                                                    year, operator for the last 38 years,  Alan
                                                                                    Webb received a well deserved Lifetime
              PORT AUGUSTA:  After much speculation,                                Achievement Award from the New Zealand
              Cinema Augusta will continue to operate at   VALE:                    Motion Picture Exhibitors Association.
              the Tafe College. Written confirmation has been   Andy Lockett (Jan 1921 - Dec 2011).
              received from the Minister confirming that a                          HASTINGS: The  Reading 4 Cinemas
              new lease will be granted providing the current   Andy was born in Invermay, Launceston in   closed on January 29 after not renewing the
              operators are responsible for the ongoing upkeep   1921.  As a boy, he was fascinated with a   lease due to a lack of profitability.
              and maintenance of the building.   magic lantern his brother brought home, and
                                                 he found a job as 'lolly-boy' at the Majestic
                                                 Theatre in Brisbane Street Launceston and   UPPER HUTT: Opened in 2007, the
                                                                                    4-screen Ascot Cinemas have been offered
                                                 later at the Fox Film Exchange. He served
                                                 informal apprenticeships in the bio-box at   for sale. Little interest has been shown in the
                                                 the Launceston  Plaza, and during the war,   under-performing venue.
                                                 in the film unit at Brighton Army Barracks.
                                                                                       NEWSREEL CONTRIBUTORS:
                                                 In the 1950s and early 1960s, he exhibited   Ian Williams; Kevin Adams; Steve Maggs;
                                                 with home-made projection gear at country   Ross King; Paul Roobottom; David Lascelles;
                                                 halls including  Gravelly Beach  and   Steve Malone; James Lockett; Mike Trickett;
                                                 Lilydale, with the 1953 Queens Coronation   Colin Flint and many others.
                                                 the stand-out box office success.

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