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CINEMA AND               From the Editor…
                          THEATRE                    hat a keen, industrious and fast growing group we arewith an
                          C A   H S              Walready busy start to the year!Society meetings have been well
                                                 attended and our ever-popular theatre inspections got off to a fantastic
                                                 start with a tour that actually circumnavigated the state of Tasmania!
                  HISTORICAL       SOCIETY
                        ESTABLISHED 1989         We have also been well represented at a number of meetingsright up
                                                 and down the East-Coast as the word continues to bespread about
                                                 our efforts to unearth, document and save our amazing cinema and
                                                 theatre heritage for future generations.A move to a bigger building to
                                                 house our amazing archives collection is imminent and is bound to be appreciated and well
                                                 utilised by members and researchers alike.
                The official journal of the Cinema And  As always, CinemaRecord brings you yet another broad range of interesting stories and pictures
                   Theatre Historical Society Inc.  from right across Australia. I am so pleased to have received so many articles, reminiscences,
                          Australia              news and photos to share. In fact, there is an embarrassment of riches waiting to grace these
                ISSN 1443-3664 • Published quarterly  pages – so much to look forward to, but for now – Happy Reading!
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                             +                   Letters
                  The main aim of CATHS and this
                publication is to accurately document
                and create an archive of the history of  really enjoyed reading through the article
                cinemas and theatres. Input in the form   I  A lifetime of Entertainment (CR#72)
                of articles, constructive criticism, and   this morning and it made me remember the
                substantiated dispute of printed matter   Oriana (former Hoyts) in Fremantle and the
                is welcome, and necessary to enable us   old Princess Theatre as well.   was in Auckland briefly before Christmas
                      to reach our objective.                                       I  and the plight of the once beautiful  St.
                 Opinions expressed are those of the  I used to work at the  Windsor Theatre in   James Theatre is really quite heartbreaking.
                                                                                    I spoke to a couple of local people who told
                                                 Nedlands as an usherette way back when, I
                  Editor or contributors, and unless  remember the lady that ran that Box Office   me that the theatre is in such a dilapidated
                expressly stated so, are not necessarily  and Projectionist, John Marsden. I loved that   state nowadays that a restoration is more
                  those of the Cinema And Theatre  theatre because sometimes the films ran for 4–6   likely to take the form of a re-build, if ever
                      Historical Society Inc.    months at a time. I will always remember Steve   the theatre were to be salvaged. Apparently
                  Articles printed in CinemaRecord  McQueen in Papillion. Great memories!  the owner of the premises is content to let it
                should not be reproduced without the                                collapse, rather than save it.
                permission of the author or the editor.              Betty Quinlan.
                 All photos are from the collection of                   Perth. WA.  On a brighter note, I had not been to Auckland
               the person or organisation stated. Every  ’d like to thank Gerry and Mike for   for 20 years, so I saw the refurbished Civic
                                                                                    Theatre for the first time. It truly is a sight to
                  effort has been made to trace the  Ithe wonderful CATHS presentation at   behold. I’d like to boast that Australia has the
                ownership of copyright. In the event of  the Cinema Pioneers dinner on March 7.   finest theatre in the Southern Hemisphere, but
                 any questions arising as to the use of   Everyone I have spoken to has said how   the Civic is “off the top shelf” and a genuine
                any material, the author and publisher   much they enjoyed the presentation and   contender for that title.
                 will be happy to make the necessary   seeing pictures of “their old theatre”.
                   corrections in future printings.                                 I sailed across the harbour to Devonport and
                  Contributions and suggestions for  Your effort, along with Kevin  Adams   saw the old (1912) Victoria Picture Theatre.
                 CinemaRecord are most welcome.   and his flyers and poster, in putting this   It’s a 3-screener nowadays, but in rather good
                 Please contact the Editor if you are   presentation together was certainly worth it,   condition. The staff were most welcoming and
                                                                                    explained that the theatre is well-supported by
                                                 doubly so if it translates into information and
                 planning to write an article for the   memberships coming to CATHS.  the local constituents. It’s situated on a cafe strip
               magazine. We may be able to assist you                               of an affluent area and that no doubt helps.
                 with information, contacts, etc and it   Congratulations - you did CATHS proud and
                 will help us with forward planning.  entertained the Pioneer masses.  Keep up the good work with CinemaRecord.

                               +                                                                         Cameron Hall
                     Contact: Kevin Adams        Kind regards,                                         Alphington. VIC.
                    Telephone: 0409 946 066
                 Email:                     David Kilderry.  Somthing to Share? Letters, Feedback
                                                                     Melbourne, VIC.
                   Postal Address: PO Box 476,                 Victorian Branch President  & News. Your contributions will be most
                                                                                        welcome and much appreciated!
                     Bentleigh, Victoria, 3204       The Society of Australian Cinema Pioneers  Email:
                                                 FRONT COVER: The historic Theatre Royal in Hobart. One of the many theatres visited
                                                 during the CATHS Tour of Tasmania in March.  Full report in the next issue!

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