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The  projection  room  was  equipped  with
                                                                                    Cinemeccanica Vic 8, 35/70mm projectors with
                                                                                    Cinemeccanica  lamphouses  (2.5k  xenons).
                                                                                    Manual  change  overs  were  used.  The  screen
                                                                                    was impressive, covering nearly the full width
                                                                                    of the auditorium.

                                                                                    The  main  cinema  was  of  the  stadium  design
                                                                                    with  an  elevated  rear section  and  a flat  front
                                                                                    area. The 862 seats covered in black “\Vynex”
                                                                                    brand material were not arranged in an offset
                                                                                    pattern and this created some sight line issues.

                                                                                    The ceiling was of a horizontal beam design
                                                                                    with rendered finish. The carpets were geometric
                                                                                    patterns of brown and orange. The walls and
                                                                                    screen were curtained in orange fabric and the
                                                                                    auditorium was lit by pelmet lighting at the top
                                                                                    of  all  the  curtains. This  was  later  augmented
                                                                                    with additional lights fitted to the ceiling.
                      Drop-off and Drive-through to park.
                                                                                    The  smaller  street-level  cinema  was  given
                                                                                    the  name  Embassy  and  was  entered  from
                                                                                    the  right  hand  side  of  the  laneway.  It  was
                                                                                    built  back-the-front  with  the  screen  near
                                                                                    the  entrance.  The  seating  was  arranged
                                                                                    in one bank.

                                                                                    The  Embassy  opened  on  Christmas  Eve
                                                                                    1964  with  Wonderful  Life  (simultaneous
                                                                                    with some drive-ins).

                                                                                    There  was  only  one  aisle  with  a  run-off
                                                                                    separating  it  from  the  seats.  This  created
                                                                                    some  distraction  with  the  arrival  of  late
                                                                                    comers. The small foyer contained a ticket
                                                                                    box and small candy bar and the restrooms
                                                                                    were downstairs.

                                                                                    Orange  curtains  were  used  on  the  walls
                                                                                    and screen and the 406 seats were covered
                                                                                    with  burnt-orange  “Vynex”.  The  same
                                                                                    brown  and  orange  carpets  were  used.
                                                                                    Initially  Kalee-21  projectors  fitted  with
                                                                                    carbon  arcs  were  used.  The  screen  size
                                                                                    was considered to be small.

                                                          Main foyer below the entrance.

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