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elbourne’s Palladium Entertainment   The  Palladium  complex  consisted  of  two
                                                 MCentre (PEC) was built within the   stadium-style theatres seating 862 and 406.
                                                 walls of the former Tyes furniture store at 100   The total project also included a 700-space
                                                 Bourke Street (north side, near the Russell   car park, restaurant and offices. The car park
                                                 Street  corner)  by  Star  Dawn  Investments*.   was entered via a laneway between the two
                                                 This  company  was  associated  with  Leon   cinema entrances.
                                                 Fink, and was later to acquire Hoyts Theatres
                                                 from Twentieth Century Fox (in 1985).    The larger theatre’s auditorium was located
                                                                                    in the basement, on the left hand side of the
                                                                                    laneway. The  large  laneway  entrance,  with
                                                                                    its floor to ceiling brass doors, led into the
                                                                                    upper foyer.
                                                                                    This  foyer  contained  the  main  ticket  box
                                                                                    (and manager’s office) and a two-stage grand
                                                                                    staircase  leading  to  the  spacious  lower  foyer.
                                                                                    A large mirror was installed at the first landing.
                                                                                    The candy counter, restrooms and the general
                                                                                    manager’s office were located in the spacious
                                                  Tyes on Bourke Street.            lower foyer. The foyer décor theme was stone
                                                                                    amalgam panels and mirrors.

                                                  Cinema row - East End with the Bercy Cinema and Hoyts Cinema Centre.

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