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Issue 93
                                                                                                 Edition 1 – 2017
                                                                                                 ISSN 1443-3664

                                    The Quarterly Journal of the Cinema and Theatre Historical Society of Australia Inc.

                                           Six months on from the 2016 Annual General Meeting, and I find
                                           myself reflecting on being the President of this great organisation of
                                           CATHS. I am proud and honoured to have been elected to the position
           Cinema and Theatre Historical   following our loss of Gerry Kennedy last year. I am certain that, had
                                           he been with us today, he would still have been our President. He often
              Society of Australia Inc.
            ABN 56 004 920 745        CAV No. A0020747R  expressed the hope that someone else would take on the Presidency
                                           but, at the same time, he secretly revelled in holding the position to
                                           which he contributed so much. To fill his shoes is a task indeed, and
         39 St. Edmonds Road Prahran Vic. 3181  one to which I hope I can do justice. Time will tell.
         Web:                          As I have said before, the other great enjoyment I derive from being
                                           a member of CATHS is the privilege of working alongside a group of
         Produced and Edited by:           dedicated  Committee  members,  both  at  the  Archive  and  in  the
         Mike Trickett, Richard Twentyman.  production of this magazine. It is sometimes difficult to pass on to
                                           members just how much more they would enjoy their membership if they were to become involved
         Printed by:                       by volunteering for one or more aspects of the day-to-day running of CATHS.
         Mill Press Geelong
                                           As has been said many times before, how about putting pen to paper and recording your own
         Magazine & General Distribution:  experiences in the Cinema or Theatre Industry. Even a contribution in dot point format will allow
         Harvey & Pam Hutchison            us to put together an article to attract the interest of our readers. Ask any of our members who
                                           have contributed to CinemaRecord, and they will tell you how rewarding it is to see your name
         Patrons:                          and story in print. Give it a go!
         Peter Smith OAM            Frank Van Straten OAM
                                           In this edition, we feature a number of venues which have not been covered before. We also have
         Committee:                        an article on the Capitol Theatre in Bendigo by Fred Page, along with some nice colour images.
         President:        Richard Twentyman 0418 526 082
         Vice President:          Royce Harris  0406 476 048  Happy reading !
         Secretary:                   Mike Trickett 0419 117 900
         Treasurer:                  Cameron Hall 0414 655 527
         Committee:                Keith Gulliver 0488 953 022  Cover Picture     CONTENTS
                              Tony Tibballs 0407 200 749
                         Earl Martell 0497 274 575
                                                                     The Brisbane Regent - Pictorial                                       2
         Research Group Convener:
         Ian Smith                            03 5443 0692           Melbourne’s Capitol Theatre                                              6
                                                                     Geelong Performing Arts Centre                                      10
         Queensland Coordinator & Publicity Officer:                 The Callahans And The Murphys Come To Town          14
         Steve Maggs                                   0413 805 320
                                                                     The Dendy Theatre, Brighton - As I Remember It           16
                                                                     The Capital Theatre, Bendigo                                           19
         Located at the Prahran Mechanics Institute  Image: © 2016   The Ballarat Mechanics’ Institute                                     22
         39 St. Edmonds Road,  Prahran, Vic. 3181.  Hidden Melbourne  The Stargazer Drive-in, Thurgoona (Part 2)                     25
                                                Used with permission.  Mildura’s Langtree Hall                                                   28
         Archive enquiries:                                          Going to the Pictures with Westland Talkies             30
         Archivist:                    Royce Harris 0406 476 048  Article inside and more
                                               colour pictures back cover  New Era Film Productions                                               38
         CinemaRecord contributions:                                 Hoyts Suburban Cinemas Advertising 1940                    39
         CinemaRecord,   39 St. Edmonds Road Prahran
         Vic. 3181.    Email:

         Back issues:
                                                                   CATHS and this publication aim to document and create an archive of the history of Australian
         A full index of back issues is available on CATHS
                                              cinemas and theatres. Contributions and suggestions to that end, are most welcome.
         web site at
                                              If you are planning to write an article for the magazine, the Editorial Team would be pleased to hear from you. Assistance with additional
                                              information, contacts, photos etc. may be available from the CATHS archive.
         Held at the Sun Theatre Yarraville, Vic.  CinemaRecord articles and images are copyright, and are not to be reproduced without the permission of CATHS or the author. Every effort
         Last Sunday of Feb, Apr, June*, Aug, Oct, Nov.  is made to trace the copyright of all published material. In the event of any questions arising from the use of any material, we will be happy
                                              to make the necessary corrections in a future edition.
                   *check CATHS web site - can vary.
                                              Opinions expressed are those of the contributors and, unless expressly stated so, are not necessarily those of CATHS.

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