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been  put  together.  You  guys  could  give  the  Dear Editors,
                                            bigger magazines a lesson in quality.
                                                                                Whenever I travel, I am always on the lookout
                                            Your choice of stories was a good match up  for sites of former cinemas to photograph and
                                            for  this  issue,  not  only  interesting,  but  they  keep the CATHS Archive updated on current
                                            were able to give us a laugh, like “Who Would  usage. I was recently in Adelaide and thought
                                            Want to Work at The Pictures” by Steve Maggs  I'd take a photo of the site of the former Plaza
                                            and “The Stargazer Drive-In” by David Scott.  Theatre, which later became the Paris. This
                                                                                was  very  well  known  as  the  venue  for  big
                                            And to add to a great issue, the item by the late  movies  such  as  The  Sound  of  Music,  which
                                            Ian Williams on 191 Collins Street so fitting  screened there for more than two years. It was
        Dear Sirs,                          for his final story.                built  in  Regent  Lane,  behind  the  Regent
                                                                                Theatre. I was surprised to find that the lane
        Thank you for issue #92. May I comment on  Please keep up the good work.  has  been  built  over  and  the  Rundle  Mall
        some of the features of this issue?                                     frontage  houses  a  retail  store.  I  am  never
                                            Keith & Judith Gulliver             surprised to find that a theatre has disappeared
        The  front  cover  is  magnificent.  What  a  Melbourne                 but it's a bit unusual to find that a street has
        wonderful facade the Comedy Theatre has.                                gone!
        As well, the interior photographs with the story    ★
        are  glorious.  Each  time  I  have  been  to                           Royce Harris
        Melbourne, I have visited the Comedy, as I  Thank you again for a another great edition  Beaumaris
        admire it greatly.                  (No 92) of CinemaRecord.

        The colour slides on page two reminded me of  Royce  Harris  reported  in  detail  about
        the slides that 20th Century Fox introduced.  Melbourne  and  suburban  cinemas  that  have
        They were in a  cardboard frame and made use  been converted into residential complexes. I
        of their best advertising material.  presume  that  there  are  several  sites  that  are
                                            now used for commercial or leisure purposes
        Steve  Maggs’  reminiscences  are  also  very  with little alteration to the building exterior,
        entertaining. I’m sorry to see that was the final  dimensions and facade.
                                            There are many examples of the latter kind in
        The Civic in Invercargill NZ is another fine  Sydney (e.g. Newtown Hoyts and Chatswood
        example of theatres long past.      Hoyts), as well as a number of cinemas where
                                            the stalls has been converted into commercial
        The new Cineplex De Luxe in Hawthorne Qld.  premises  and  the  dress  circle  retained  as  a
        is  a  superior  example  of  a  style  which  may  cinema (e.g. Cronulla and Hornsby).
        entice the younger generation to enjoy movies
        again.                              Petersham Majestic/Odeon, which I detailed
                                            in my book Picture Shows in the Marrickville
        As a new year begins, we can look forward to  and  Newtown  Districts  1898-2012,  has  now
        enjoying more theatre stories in our magazine.  been converted into residential units within the
        Thanks to those who devote so much of their  existing  walls  and  façade.  Page  20  of  The
        time and dedication to producing it.  Sydney Morning Herald, 20 November 2016           �★
                                            advertised development opportunities for the  Hi Guys,
        William Gray                        Rosebery  Marina;  an  accompanying  photo
        Parramatta                          suggested that the façade would be retained,  Thanks for the last edition (CR#92), what a
                                            but it was not clear if the building would be  great mix of articles and the added bonus of
                        ★                   preserved or replaced by a new edifice.  colour to boot. I know it must cost more for
                                                                                colour  printing,  but  it  really  enhances  the
        Mike & Dick                         It would be interesting to hear about similar  magazine. I hope we can look forward to more
                                            developments elsewhere.             great articles and colour in the future.
        We  have  just  finished  reading  Issue  92  of
        CinemaRecord. Wow! What a great copy. Not  Robert Parkinson,            Ron Watson
        only the extra colour pages, but the way it has  Turramurra             Sydney

                                                                                         CINEMARECORD  # 93   5
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