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NEW SOUTH WALES                     successful  bidders  were  Helen  and  Gerard  SOUTH AUSTRALIA
                                            White from Colac Cinemas.
        Dubbo:                                                                  Adelaide:
        The proposal to open the Westview Drive-in  In a recent discussion with CATHS member,  The three screen  Nova  Cinema on the south
        Theatre for the weekend of April 7-9 recently  Earl Martell, Mr White indicated they would  side  of  Rundle  Street  East  closed  on
        gained council approval.            initially  get  the  two  current    screens  Wednesday 9th November. On the Northern
                                            operational, and possibly add an extra two in  side  opposite,  Palace  Cinemas  is  being
        The application was approved after extensive  time.                     reconfigured  to have  a total  of 12 screens.
        work  was  done  to  ensure  that  the  drive-in  Source: Maryborough Advertiser               ▼
        would be safe for this special event, which is                          Two extra screens are again on the agenda  for
        part of the national Youth Week program. The                            the Hoyts Norwood complex.
        site has been dormant for 32 years so there was
        a lot that needed to be taken into consideration                        The number of venues offering $10 tickets has
        in order to get the go-ahead to use the drive-in                        increased  to four with  the addition  of  Hoyts
        including  the  development  of  a  traffic                             Salisbury  and  Greater  Union  Arndale.
        management plan, the number of cars allowed                             (Readings Elizabeth and West Lakes were the
        at  each  screening,  an  emergency  plan  and                          first two. )
        lighting on the site.
        Source: The Daily Liberal                           ▼                   QUEENSLAND

                                            Northcote:                          A  new  $29  million  Cinema  Complex  and
                                            The Palace Westgarth Theatre, has recently  outdoor  dining  precinct  is  taking  shape  at
                                            added an outdoor cinema to its complex.  Smithfield, a northern suburb of Cairns.
                                            It is located at ground level and is equipped
                                                                                This will be Cairns’ fourth cinema complex
                                            with 30 deck chairs and wireless headphones.
                                                                                and rumour has it that it will be operated by
                                            During  daytime,  it  operates  as  an  outdoor  Events Cinemas.
        Byron Bay:                          cafeteria area.
        Palace Cinemas Byron Bay is due to reopen  Source:     ▼  The  complex  is  expected  to  finished  by
        soon,  after  being  closed  for  an  upgrade  and                      mid-2017.    ▼
        expansion for most of last year.
        There will be the addition of six more audito-
        ria, making a total of nine screens.
        A novelty outdoor cinema has been set up in
        Parramatta  Park  for  a  45  day  season  over
        Summer. It features 150 cinema beds for those
        who like to watch movies in bed. Tickets at
        $34.90 get you a bed, a pillow and a blanket.

        VICTORIA                            St Kilda:
                                            After two years hidden under scaffolding, the  GENERAL
        Melbourne:                          facelift to St Kilda's historic Palais Theatre  A new year, a new swirl of rumours about new
        From porn to prawn: A Chinatown restaurateur  has been revealed. It has been restored to its  updates and features for iPhones. The  reported
        has  purchased  the  former  Dendy  Adult  original  yellow  after  decades  in  white.  The  new  option  is  “theatre  mode”.  Apple's  new
        Cinema,  Melbourne's  last  city-based  adult  venue  is  now  closed  while  the  interior  is  version  could  allow  you  to  select  an  option
        cinema for $3.45 million. The Wong family,  refurbished and new management takes over.  that's kind of like airplane mode for cinema-
        operators of seafood restaurant Crystal Jade in  Source: The Age                                        ▼  goers.  You'd  expect  that  theatre  mode
        Little Bourke Street will use the building as an                        would mute all calls and sounds;  we can only
        off-site kitchen and head office.                                       guess that it might also dim the screen in a way
        Source:                                                     that  is  less  intrusive  to  others  who  have
                                                                                actually come to the cinema to watch a movie.
        Movies  are  set  to  return  to  Maryborough
        following  the  successful  auction  of  the                            Reports by:
        Paramount Theatre in December, which saw                                Wayne  Le  Clos,  Roderick  Smith,  Colin  Flint,  Bob
        the  iconic  building  sell  for  $210,000.  The                        Parkinson,  Earl  Martell,  Tony  Tibballs,  Marie
                                                                                Hoffman, William Gray.
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