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              UP ON THE ROOF!

                    By Peter Jackson

                                                 A joint venture between the  Artrage
                                                 group and City of Perth Parking (CPP),
                                                 Rooftop Movies is proving popular with
                                                 audiences wanting to view good and/or
                                                 interesting movies in a casual setting,
                    onths of warm summer nights   hopefully with a gentle, cooling breeze.
              Mhave       meant   that  outdoor  The view of the city skyline at night is
              cinemas have long been a popular   an attraction in itself.
              attraction in Perth and elsewhere in
              Western Australia.                 The cinema advertises its movie offerings
                                                 as “old school film favourites, cinephile
              In recent years, more of these venues   classics, cult and arthouse, going hand   Entry is gained via lifts from the ground
              have sprung up, some as annexes to   in glove with B-grade schmaltz”.   floor.  A special deal allows patrons to
              hardtops; others in picturesque parkland                              park on the lower levels at a reduced
              settings such as Kings Park.       For me, it was quite an experience sitting   price.  So, it’s a drive-in, but you don’t
                                                 in a deckchair under the moon and stars   sit in the car. ‘Walk-ins’ from the street
              Even the annual film festival associated   as Major ‘King’ Kong  (Slim Pickens),   are also welcome.
              with the Perth International Arts Festival   as pilot of a rogue warplane, saddled
              for decades has been held outdoors   a nuclear-armed missile and hurtled   The audience is a mixture of young
              at the  Somerville Auditorium in the   towards oblivion.              adults wanting to see cult favourites or
              grounds of the University of  Western                                 classics of yesteryear and ‘mature’ folk
              Australia.   With the rapid growth of   There’s a different movie every night   who prefer their movies with a bit of age
              the northern suburbs, a second festival   with some regular double features as well.    on them..  There’s also live entertainment
              venue was added at Joondalup –– the    Selections range from Casablanca to La   before the sun goes down, including a
              Joondalup Pines.                   Dolce Vita and Zombie Flesh Eaters.  mid-week stand-up comedy night and
                                                                                    weekend jazz.
              The evolution of outdoor cinema    The decent-sized screen is affixed to   The new venue is reportedly doing good
              continues with the arrival of  Rooftop   the side of a sea container and about   business and at time of writing was
              Movies – on the top deck of a CBD multi-  half of the deck is taken up by rows of
              storey car park in Roe Street. Organisers   colourful deck-chairs into which patrons    gearing up for a second season. +
              claim this modern ‘atmospheric’ venue   sink comfortably.
              is the first of its kind.                                                Photographs Courtesy of Artrage.
                                                 The remainder of the deck is occupied
                                                 by a refreshment area, complete with
                                                 imitation palm trees.

                                                 Fifties-style family caravans have been
                                                 used for the box office, projection room,
                                                 bar and food servery. The whole set-up is
                                                 like a little oasis in the heart of the city.

                                                 Cranes were used to lift the vans, crates
                                                 and other heavy gear into place.

                                                                                       CINEMAREC ORD  2012       9
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