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                                  By William Gray.

              The site of the Civic Theatre on the corner of Park Road and South Terrace at Auburn (NSW), was originally Crown Land
              granted to a Thomas Bates on  June 30th in 1823.

              With a frontage of 100-feet and a depth of 181-feet, 10 3/4 inches, it was purchased on February 19, 1930 by the Western Suburbs
              Cinemas chain whose application to build a cinema on the site was granted on June 13th 1929.
              Architects were Mssrs Kaberry &                                       It wasn't until 13th February 1933 that
              Chard, and the new theatre was to be                                  Western Suburbs Cinemas announced
              built by Mr. E. Barnett.                                              that they were ready to proceed with the
                                                                                    new theatre's construction – with some
              Work was due to commence in January                                   modifications to the original plan.
              1930, but was put back six months
              despite foundation work having already                                The theatre took twelve months from
              been completed.                                                       building to completion – producing one
                                                 Later known as the Embassy - the Queens   of the finest and most modern suburban
              However by October 1930, work had   Theatre predated the Civic at Auburn.  theatres in  Australia, as a cost of
              still not proceeded, and Kaberry and                                  £50,000 ($100,000).
              Chard advised the Chief Secretary's   On November 7, 1930, Western Suburbs
              Department that as far as they knew the   Cinemas advised the Chief Secretary's   18 tons of steel was used in the
              project had been abandoned, and that   Department that the new theatre would   construction, a girder supporting the
              they had received advice from Western   proceed when  finances permitted. In   dress-circle was 80-ft long with a depth
              Suburbs Cinemas that their services   June 1931, they advised that no further   of 7-ft and weighing some 26 tons! A
              were no longer required.           construction work had taken place due   girder above the proscenium was 56-ft
                                                 to the depression.                 long and weighed 9 tons.

                            Ad: February 16, 1934.

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