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The entrance in South Terrace was via a
              set of 10 glass doors – up some half dozen
              steps from the footpath. Immediately
              you entered into a huge lobby there was                                                         1947.
              a ticket-box located on each side of the
              entrance corners.                  room. There was also a gallery type of
                                                 window structure between the columns,
              The Manager's office was located behind   above which was the theatre's name in
              the ticket box on the left, and also on   neon lights.
              the left were the ladies toilets, with the
              gents on the right - together with some   A projectionist who worked at the Civic
              storage areas. In the centre of the lobby   for a period, said that they could see the
              was a huge double staircase leading to   lights come up at interval at the Dundas
              the dress-circle foyer.            Drive-In Theatre - such was the towering
                                                 height of the Civic front!
              The front of the theatre was designed with
              three separate columns, each contained   Another feature of its construction
              an arch in which were located windows   was that most of the material used was
              for the upstairs foyer and the projection   produced locally in Auburn.

               Dress-Circle foyer – late 1930s.

                                                                                    Ad: August 17, 1934.

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